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School Visits

to gypsy wood park

All you need to know about planning your nursery or school visit.

We know you want a safe environment, to know where to eat (especially if it’s wet!), where to store things, how to do a pre-visit, how much a visit costs and how to get the best learning experience for your pupils.

It’s really easy to book a school visit!

To book telephone 01286 673133 or email

If your school or group wishes to assess the park prior to your visit, please bring proof of ID from the school.


Mothers and toddlers £7.25 for mum and toddler. (extra toddler £3.95, extra child £5.75).

£6.25for ALL other groups. Schools, primary school, rainbows, scouts, brownies. With all groups teachers go free.

Extra adult visitors £6.25.

Payment to be made prior to your visit or on the day of arrival.



We know that all schools have to carry out a Risk Assessment before taking pupils on a trip, download our risk assessment here.

To assist in maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for all our visitors we ask that all pupils are effectively supervised and for this purpose we admit a quota of supervising adults free of charge.

Of course, as well as our visitors we have the welfare of our animals to look after too!  All our animals are on carefully prepared and balanced diets so please remind pupils not to feed them as it could lead to the animals becoming ill.


Here’s lots of useful information to help you plan and get the most out of your day.


We know that young children don’t always want to carry their belongings around so a member of staff on arrival will show you a designated area where bags can be left.

Food and Drink

We have lots of lovely picnic areas around the park. There are rainy days too, speak to a member of staff on arrival who will arrange for a suitable time for you to eat within our Dragon Café.

Gift Shop

Most visits to the park end with a call into the gift shop for a souvenir but to make life easier for you it’s possible to pre-order Goody Bags. This can be done by giving us a call on 01286 673133 they’ll have a chat with you about the different prices and gifts available.

Fairy Princess

Fairy Princess will not be at the park during school visits.